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Office 2010 installation stops and reverses the install progress

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Office 2010 installation stops and reverses the install progress

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When installing Office 2010 products on your system, you may experiance an issue with the installation undoing itself after the completion. This will accure if the target system does not have the latest .net platform installed.

When installing Microsoft Office 2010, the installation goes through to the end, and then backs up and the installation window disappears, this is due to a lack of installed system components.
This article will describe the steps that are needed in order to have a successful Office 2010 installation.
Links that are provided in this article are to Microsoft to download the required application components that are needed but not mentioned in the minimum system requirements for Office 2010 installation on your Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems.

Recreate Issue
To recreate this issue.

When installing Office 2010 product on a system that does not have the latest version(s) of the .NET platform.

Resolve Issue
To resolve this issue.

The following .NET Platforms with a * beside it is a requirement for a stable .net installation, the 4.0 is not a requirement but is provided here for those that would like to obtain it.
(These are the x86 Packages ONLY, please do a search for x64 for the same products)
* .NET Framework 1.1 Redistributable« 23.1MB
* .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable« 22.4MB
* .NET 3.0 Redistributable« 50.33MB
* .NET 3.5 Redistributable« 197.12MB
* .NET 3.5 SP1« 231.50MB
* Update to 3.5 SP1 Required«
.NET 4.0 Redistributable« 48.1MB

Once the installation of the above mentioned .NET Versions are completed, reboot your computer and then start the installation of your Office 2010 Product.
This is a fix ONLY for the mentioned issue, THIS WILL NOT fix the issue concerning the Trial installation of office 2010 restriction on installations on the same system more than one time.

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Together with the .NET installation packages, the WMI controller has to be present as well.