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Where does adobe application manager store downloads

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Where does adobe application manager store downloads

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The Adobe Application Manager is a great program, that Adobe designed, to allow its used to download one or more of the adobe program suites to their computer.

Where exactly does the Adobe Application Manager download and store the applications too. This question has been asked online a lot, however, it does not seem that any really knows where to start looking.
In this article, we will guide you to the place where you can find the download store location.

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When you use the Adobe Application Manager, to download and install the Adobe program, you do not get to actually see the application itself when it downloads. This is kept secret, so to speak.

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When you run the Adobe Application Manager, you can browse the following location to find the downloads, keeping in mind, that as soon as you close out of the Adobe Application Manager, the download folder, will be removed from your computer, so copy the folder(s) over to another location on your computer prior to closing out of the Adobe Application Manager.

Steps to take:
Windows 7 and Windows Vista

My Computer
Open C:\ drive, then browse to the following location.
(The higher folders will not be available, however, they are available when you type them into the address bar, unless you change some settings, to enable you to see the other folders. Show Hidden Files and Folders«)
C:\Users\(Your Username Here)\AppData\local\Temp\
Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Username Here)\Local Settings\Temp

Inside the TEMP folder, you will see all kinds of files and folder.
The folder(s) that you are searching for, are most likely located at the top.
They are folders with long numbers as names, example:

You will have to look in each folder for the Adobe application that you installed.
For applications such as: Photoshop, After Effects, Dreamweaver, Flash, and some others, the folders are going to be over 1GB in size.
For programs such as: Adobe Edge Animate, its filesize is 164mb, for the latest v1.01

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