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  • After Effects warning: Audio conforming failed for the following file .cfa. Perhaps due to disk space

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    Friday, December 3, 2010
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    When using avi files in your After Effects Projects, the file may not be rendered correctly as a true AVI file format.
  • Details
    The error happens when After Effects cannot render the audio of the file.
    There does not seem to be enough information regarding this issue no where online
    Or in the Adobe Knowledge Base or within' the forums.

    This happens when editing AVI files in After Effects, you have to make sure that the file is a true format of AVI (or) other, as this will happen with other Video Formats as well.
    The error that you will receive will be similar to the following:

    After Effects
    After Effects warning: Audio conforming failed for the following file: FileName_NEW Perhaps due to disk space.
  • Recreate Issue
    To recreate this error.
    This error will happen if you take a video from and use a program to convert it over to AVI from the FLV format that it is streamed as.
    These FLV files are not good for converting over to AVI (or) any other type of media format due to the major loss that the FLV file format has.
  • Resolve Issue
    A work around that can be used and that is tested and works well and with great results is the following.

    Bring the Video Clip into "Sony Vegas" and pre-clip to suite your project (or) leave it as is and then render it out as "Xvid" or "DivX" or whatever your desired output is.

    Once the file is rendered out, test it in Windows Media Player (WMP) and then import into AE or Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Sony Vegas has a great rendering output engine that allows you to do what other programs only dream of doing.